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SFE Technical Solutions Photograph Gallery

(1 objects, created 11/6/2012)

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Summary: Welcome to the SFE Technical Solutions Photograph Gallery. Please feel free to browse through the photographs. Should you wish to purchase any photographs please see the Terms & Conditions page for full details. STOP! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY The following message is for those individuals who take images from this website without permission. I do this job because I love it but I can only continue to do it if people buy my images. As such - Images on this website ARE PROTECTED UNDER DIGITAL COPYRIGHT LAW and MUST NOT BE COPIED without the express permission of SFE Technical Solutions. If you copy my images YOU ARE STEALING FROM ME AND ARE DAMAGING MY BUSINESS. I will invoice those who deliberately rip and re-post watermarked images at £10 per image. I will however then send you an un-watermarked high quality jpeg once you pay it. If you don't pay within 7 days I will a) report you to the social media website concerned in line with their terms and conditions and b) consider legal action. I do not want my low resolution watermarked images used as "free advertising" on social media websites. If you like my images please buy them rather than rip a poor quality version. You buy an image for private use only. It does not buy you the copyright which remains the property of SFE Technical Solutions at all times. You are not allowed to copy the image or use it for anything else without permission. This includes entering competitions, for sale adverts or using it for promotional work, without the permission of SFE Technical Solutions. If unsure please ask me first - it's a simple courtesy. Please respect my work - I'm sure you wouldn't like it if someone stole something from you.


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